Thursday, February 10, 2011

Police cars: Ford Tarus Police interceptor

I'm not a big car guy, my friend at should be writing this post.

Sometime within 2011 Ford will be replacing the Crown Victoria Interceptor. I have loved driving the Crown Vic it handles awesome for a big car. I guess the Crown vic is getting old and Ford is looking to move on, maybe like they moved away from the Ford Ranger.

There's alot of options out there for Police departments to choose from. A lot of officers want their next police vehicle to be the Dodge Charger. I will say the Charger looks cool, and with the push bars on the front they look aggressive. The local Military Police have switched to them, I think they are too small personally.

From what I hav heard we will be getting the Ford Tarus as our new police Interceptor. Here's alittle information on the Ford Tarus Police Interceptor:

The new Ford Tarus Police Interceptor will be available with both the standard 3.5 liter 263hp DOHC V6 or your local department can opt for an AWD EcoBoost 3.5 liter twin turbo model with 365hp. Eithe
r choice is more powerful and more efficient than the outgoing V8 powered Crown Victoria. A high-capacity six-speed SelectShift Automatic transmission delivers the power of EcoBoost with all-wheel-drive while the standard V6 models will be front-drive.

For the men in blue, the new Tuaurs represents the latest safety design and technology. One big area of safety for officers is the fuel tank which is now located under the back seat, utilizing the same saddle-bag type tank arrangement found in the Ford Mustang. Crown Victorias made a lot of news in the past decade with vehicle fires due to extreme rear-end collisions. The new Ford Taurus Police Interceptor has been subjected to stringent 75-mph rear-end crash testing to win the confidence of police departments.


  1. All I can say is I want a ride along in one of those!

  2. LOL, have you gone out on a ride along recently, when i first started a few IES would come out, haven't seen any in a long time

  3. I have had 2 in East, 1 in Central, 1 in west, 2 in RCMP land, 1 with traffic, 1 with Ident, 1 with EHS com centre, 1 coperate call centre, and I have one to sit in with an autopsy. All on my own time, maybe I'll go 2 west next. Donnie J is still going to set me up.

  4. Wow, you have done it all, is that alittle more then normal? You have to do one with K-9 it was the best, minus the smell,, but mind you sometime the PC's aren't much better ;)

  5. Ha, yes it is more then normal. some have never even done it once. I enjoy it though. If my body was able I would be out in a police car in a heartbeat. I didn't know K-9 offered. Maybe once I start running again I'll go with them, that way I can keep up! I remember my first time in the wagon, within five minutes Officer RS, had a guy on the hood! Oh I was thinking getting size 42 Bikila and can order as soon as not next pay but the one after.

  6. LOL I always like working the wagon minus the fact alot of the time your working with an older guy that, no better way to put it is alittle lazy... Yeah no rush what so ever for the shoes, the 2nd pair I get will mainly be used in the spring

  7. Well I think the cars to choose from are tough choices -- I wish that had choices like that when I was on the department. I like the looks of the charger more aggressive looking but I would take either one as my patrol car