Monday, December 20, 2010


Today was kind of a lazy at home so we decided to head out for a short Hike.  One day when working we received a call for service where a hiker had fallen and could get themselves out of the trail, and her friends were unable to help her as well. So the men in blue were sent, it's kinda funny, a hiker with a sprain ankle doesn't really seem like a police thing but we get dispatched to everything.

Anyways I took note of the place and wanted to return, so today we did. I called up my friend Tim ( Or GoodcarBadcar in the blog  world) and myself and H went and picked him up and headed out.
At the trail head is a beautiful million dollar home (pictured below) which we checked out then headed out the trail, which leads to these old war bunkers.

We grabbed some cool pics then headed back, we didn't go to the end, we'll do that on a nicer day.

Oh I wore my Five Fingers and they held up great in the snowy bog (story here)


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