Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas Crossing Guard.....Not

This whole Fall/Winter has been Wet Wet Wet...

Again today the cold rain was falling, but I still needed to get out for a run. The Last little while I have been alittle lazy, with 2 Christmas parties and being on Vacation my body isn't feeling top notch.

So I put on my running gear and headed out into the rain to start my run.  My Goal for today was to get under 30mins for 5Km, since I've been running in my Five Fingers I haven't been under that mark, Last year when I was doing speed work I was getting 26mins for 5km, still working to get there.

Well to the crossing guard, when running during school hours and the crossing guards are out, they always aid me in crossing the streets. I say thank you and head on my way.

There's one older lady that works a certain street and whenever you run by her, she mumbles something at you and steps away from the crosswalk. Today when running by she mumbles something under her breath then said, I'm not helping you and walked away from the crosswalk. On my way back she was across the street and saw me coming and threw her hands up in the air, I could see her mumbling, as I approached the crosswalk a car was coming, I waited for it to stop then crossed, as I crossed she yelled at me for making the car stop..... I was mad....

I replied to her.... Is your Boss still So and So? ( I know who he is because he's a police officer) What would he think about this? Your a disgrace to your fellow crossing guards, you should be ashamed!!!!

Should I have said that? No, But I must say it felt good to get it off my chest!


  1. Hi Kenny. Long time eh? Whats with all your rain? Over here its all minus 15 and frost an inch thick. And there's my cousin in Cobourg Ontario who can still see her green grass lawn and my friends in Lunenburg in lightweight jackets????