Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vibram Five Fingers in the snow

Today was a snowy day here, It was nice I wanted to get some Christmas gifts and the Local shopping center had 20% off.

So with the snowy weather and 20% I was in the shopping mood, even brave enough to wade through the crazy crowds.

I survived the crowds and got some great deals for this time of year.

Before supper me and H went for a run, it was still snowing alittle and snow was on the ground, we were both in our Vibram Five Fingers and they felt great. We went along a gravel path so it wasn't slippery, but when we we on the sidewalk it was alittle slippery.

Overall they were great in the snow.



  1. It wasnt too bad, when your feet got cold I found they warmed up quick, it was only 6km (not that 6km, is "only") if it was a longer run I think they would have started to get cold..

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  3. cool thanks, I'll check it out... Love my Iphone apps... ;)