Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Slow night in the city

Last night was a slow night on patrol...
Early in the night I went on a few calls then it died off, On my lunch break I headed home and played some PS3 Call of Duty Black Opps, which helped me wake up.

After my lunch break we set up a checkpoint on a main road out of the city to check the people leaving the downtown after the bars which netted a few tickets, after that it was those couple last hours till days off.

On my lunch when I headed home I grabbed the book I have been reading (Born to run) and I parked by the side of the road to watch traffic and made it through a few chapters, then the night was over.

I didn't do much with my first day off, but I still think I'll head out for a run soon..



  1. A slow night is nice after the craizes that have been going on in the last few!


  2. That is very true,,, and u can get caught up on files!

  3. PS3? Other than that, good choice of game.