Friday, December 3, 2010

Warrior Dash Race

Since I have been getting back into shape, I have been looking at a couple runs to enter next year.
It always helps to have a goal when your training.

I was looking around the Internet the other day and was on a blog I follow (Run Faster Mommy)

She had a picture of her jumping a row of fire which looked really cool, so I had to click on it and I came across the race called Warrior Dash.

As soon as I saw the Warrior Dash I knew I wanted to do it.... You have to go to the website and check out the pics and video, it's a race where the runners climb walls, jump over cars, run through rivers, slide down muddy hills, go through tunnels and jump fire!! Sounds Fun right!!!

The races are held across the states and the closest to me would be in NY state.... I can't wait!

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