Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to work in the Paddy Wagon


Well the last 12 days have been great, I went to a couple Christmas parties and enjoyed great time with my family and friends.

But tomorrow I'm back to the streets, I'm working one of the early vehicles, and it's the Paddy Wagon, when I worked in East Division I was in the early wagon and enjoyed it.

This cycle should be interesting, the wagon gets sent to all the big calls and with us working New Years Eve night we should be busy, and if downtown goes crazy they call in the wagon to help out.... Is it bad I can't wait? lol



  1. If I remember right, last christmas eve we had a house blow up pretty much at midnight in East. May the year of the rabbit be a little quieter for you!

  2. Yes I remember that, it was crazy...I was working OT downtown last yr..... Enjoy your night off...

  3. *pets both of you* how cute :)!!!!

    Hope ypu have a good shift that's not too crazy!!

    C. RN