Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trip toYosemite: Half Dome

I have mentioned before, in September myself and my brother will be travelling to California.

One part that I am the most excited about is out 3 day hike in Yosemite national park, We will be doing a 14 hour hike that goes to Half Dome.  You can see half Dome in the back ground on the picture to the left.

When you hike towards the face of half dome your in a more wooded nature trail, but as you come near the end of the hike you are faced with going up the side of Half Dome, you use a steel type ladder to help you up the face of the rock. (Shown to the right) (More pics)

The Hike is classed as extremely difficult, during the hike you gain nearly 5000 feet in elevation.
You hike takes you past beautiful waterfalls and hot valley's, then you come out tot he exposed rock of half Dome, if you are interested I would watch this video HERE,
I'm excited about the trip, more to come

Check out some of my Pic Here
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