Friday, June 18, 2010

Lakers Win!

How many of you were tired today at work because you stayed up to watch the lakers win?
I was one of those people, but luckily I am on vacation so I was able to sleep in.
The Finals went to game 7 which any sports fan gets excited about, the sad this is that usually games 7's are a flop, but this game lived up to the hype.
The lakers won 83-79 (I was cheering for Boston)
The game was close the whole game with the storyline developing that Kobe was choking, he had a terrible game and was being pulled along by unlikely stars like tough guy Ron Artest.
The game was exciting and I was just happy for that because I'm not a huge NBA fan, maybe I'll chat later about the talk about Kobe being as good as MJ......


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