Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dustin Johnson Chokes!!!!!

Well I sat down to watch the US Open, the leader going into Sunday was Dustin Johnson.
Before the leaders teed off there was an interview with Johnson about my he's prepared to take the title and how he's calm under pressure, and there was alot of pressure The chance to win one of the biggest title in golf, Tiger, Phil and Els at your heels... how would he do?

Well he Shot a 82..... 10 over Par!

I felt bad for him, he's a young guy that maybe got alittle too confident and forgot to respect the course that can easily humble you if your not paying attention.  Johnson really didn't have a chance once he left the second hole he must have felt defeated, he shot a triple bogey..

This would be a perfect study in sports physiology..... How much does nerves play into our performance?

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