Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seattle Police officer Punches Teen in face!!

Hello All,
So I'm sure that all you have seen this video so far, but if not here it is.
There is alot of talk about this video on the news today, CNN is showing the video it seems every half hour, Whats your take on the officers actions?

There are two Points I would like to touch on here:
1) Police officers live in a world today where you always have to be thinking that all your actions are being recorded, we live in a world where everyone has cellphone and those cell phones can now even record in HD, Years ago this would have been a local story about the teens complaint, but now it's national news because there's a video and stuff like this sells!!!

2) When watching this video I want you to be careful when your judging the officers, he was attempting to make an arrest the female was resisting and the other female jumped in, as a police officer he has to take charge and as you can see the situation was going out of control, I am not saying a punch to the face was proper force and I'm not going to judge him leave that to his supervisors, But I would hate to see an officers life ruined over all the attention this will get..


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