Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BlueNose Marathon

Hello all,

I have been slack the last while updating my blog, I plan to pick it up again as the summer gets going.

Here in Halifax we had our Bluenose Marathon recently, I always work it when asked, I end up watching all the great runners go by, past years it's been in the rain but this years it was great weather.

One thing that always gets me is the runners that take the time as they are running by to say thank-you for working the event. One thing from working the event, I wish that I could help plan the event, I would take the run on a better path to help avoid some of the traffic mess that you get from the event.

I must say that on a funny note, there's a gentlemen that I have seen the last cpl of years, I give him credit he runs the full marathon (which I could never do) but what puts a smile on my face is that he runs the Marathon in a skirt and sports bra and he must weigh 260Lbs.... Power to him!

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