Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wild Wild West

I'm sitting here on my first day off and I'm thinking back to yesterday and how exciting it was.

My night shift last night was on of those shifts that make you say " I love my job"

I don't know any other thing that offers so much excitement as Policing. Last night was one of those nights were there were no calls and the night seemed to just drag along, I should have learned over my time on the job that these are the nights were crazy things happen.

We were running from one call to another, The one call turned into 3 separate calls where there were k9 tracks,guns, foot chases and weapons. It was non-stop fun, doesn't matter I was 5 hours late getting off.


Police have three people in custody after a stabbing in  early Tuesday "my Zone" morning.

Police were called shortly before 4:30 a.m. to 22 Street. A 19-year-old man was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries.

Const. Spokeman said the victim’s injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. A 36-year-old woman, a 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy were arrested a couple of hours later and are still being questioned. Spokeman said charges are expected.

Palmeter said that while the call for help came from 22 street, police think the stabbing actually happened on nearby Street. He said it appears to have stemmed from an argument between the victim and suspects, who all know each other.

Police recovered a bloody white towel from the backyard of the property.

Police also found a can of bear spray nearby and are trying to determine if that is related to the stabbing.

While investigating the stabbing, police patrolling the 300 block of a St at about 6 a.m. spotted two men walking whom they thought may have been involved. But when they got out of their cruiser the two men fled.

Police dogs tracked the men to a residence. One man who was already in the home was arrested for breach of conditions, and one of the two men who fled was arrested after he came outside and was found to be carrying a handgun. The second person who ran was arrested initially and then released at the scene, but then rearrested for obstructing a police officer as the police dogs searched the area. Police discovered two more guns in nearby woods.

Spokeman said the men walking were not connected to the stabbing incident.


  1. I was lost with the "my zone" part. Was that for anonymity? You're in Spryfield near Lavender Walk and Orange Street. That's not very anonymous. :(

  2. I just don't like to put that up there