Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here now gone..... Komodo Sports

I've been waiting the last week for my new Vibram Five Fingers Komodo Sports. I was surprised to find that MEC sold Vibram Five Fingers online. I was looking to buy the new Komodo Sports but all the sites in the states ( The non-fake vibrams, how to spot a fake here) would not ship to Canada.

I stumbled upon MEC that would ship across Canada and they had great prices. I ordered the new Vibram Five Fingers Komodo Sports and had them shipped to my house. The worst thing they could have done was given me a tracking number.  All throughout the day I would check where my package was, I think  i became a mail stalker.... When the package hasn't changed for a while i would wonder why, and once they package was in the city I was excited.

I knew what time the mail lady usually showed up, so I started looking out the window, awaiting her arrival. There she was, she was delivering mail at the apartment building across the street, I didn't want to look crazy so I didn't wait for her at the front door, but I had my shoes on...

Once I got the package I opened it up and the shoes looked awesome, I was excited to slide them on. When sliding them on that's when I realized there was something wrong. They went on way to easy, Five Fingers will stretch alittle and should fit snug, they were alittle loose when I first slide them on so they were too big because they would only stretch.

I already have a pair of VFF's that are size 42 that fit well, so they must differ alittle more between styles.

So I took them back to the local MEC and returned them, even tho MEC does carry a few styles here they don't carry the Komodo Sports here,,, So the waiting game begins again.

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