Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is your month as bad as Christina Aguileras?

I thought I was having a bad day, I went to bed early last night but this morning I found it so hard to get out of bed and I just have no energy so far today, but it's not as bad as Christina Aguilera.

I can't wait till Saturday when the new gym opens up, I'm working that night but I'll be able to grab a quick workout before I head to work.

If you think your having a bad month or so think of Christina Aguilera, she messed up the national anthem in front of millions, sounded bad at the grammy's in front of her peers and thrown in jail by the cops....

Christina Aguilera was arrested early this morning along with her boyfriend in West Hollywood, Christina was popped for public intoxication and her boyfriend was arrested for driving under the influence.

Aguilera was arrested at 2:45 AM and booked at the West Hollywood Sheriff's substation on a misdemeanor charge.
We're told cops initially pulled over Rutler after they noticed he was driving erratically.

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