Saturday, March 13, 2010

Funeral for OPP Constable Vu Pham

Today we headed down to our Local market, it's alittle crowded for me but it's worth the trip for the

After we made it out of the Market we headed up the street to alittle shop that is known for it's good coffee and food, when waiting for the food I picked up a paper and saw a photo I hate seeing it was a photo of a Police officers wife and Kids at their beloved fathers and Husbands funeral.

There was one quote from the story that stuck with me and almost shed a tear: Heather Pham had written in a funeral guide that "Monday morning began like any other day for us, full of life and promise."

(From a Newspaper)
Three young boys have said an emotional goodbye to their father, Ontario Provincial Police Constable Vu Pham.

Thousands of police officers attended the funeral in Wingham, Ontario Friday.
The youngest of the boys seven-year-old Joshua, says he enjoyed all the times he spent with his dad.

The other two boys 12-year-old Tyler and 10-year-old Jordan Pham talked about fishing and hunting with their father and the support he always gave them.

Pham’s wife says she will try to forgive the accused, because that’s what her husband would have wanted.

Pham’s partner Dell Merecy also praised the officer during the service in saying Pham saved his life.

Pham pulled over a pickup truck on a rural road northwest of London, Ontario Monday where he was shot and killed.

He was the force's 104th officer to die in the line of duty since its inception 100 years ago.

Fred Preston who was charged in Pham’s death, died of gun shot wounds on Thursday.

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