Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bike Time

OK, Again it's a beauitful day outside! Spring is here to stay!

I have one issue, I need to get my bike on the road, The lady I purshased my bike from had it sitting in her garage for a long time and I think the tires went rotton, but I can't find a leak but when i drive it they go flat, so I looked and Looked for a bike shop thats open on a Sunday and I was able to find one around here that opens in another 1/2 hr so I'll be heading there to pick up some tubes and I 'll try to make it out of there just buying the

Question: For a beginner, does the different types of Road Tires really make a difference?

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  1. the type of tires doesn't really matter. Your rims look to be clinchers which means seperate tires and tubes.( clincher tires are definitely easier and cheaper than tubulars.) Touring tires tend to last longer ( like the Continental Gatorskins, Michelin Krylion and Lithlion). The higher end tires like the Michelin Pro Race 3's or Continental Black Chili GP Force Black are more expensive and wear faster but they tend to get better grip. I had a friend who swore by Gatorskins as they are a great all season tire. As for me I liked the Continental GP triahlons they were a racing slick but had awesome grip and longevity.